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This web site is the entry point for all manuals that apply to the McGeary Grain Accounting system.

McGearyGrain uses a network of 10+ workstation computers and a file server computer on a local network. The operating systems on all user’s computer is Windows XP while the server runs Windows 2003 Server.

Microsoft Office 2003 Professional on all computers us used for the daily operation. Access 2003 (part of Office 2003 Professional) is at the core of the accounting system. The manuals referred to here deal almost exclusively with Access programs.

The day-to-day operation is divided into five major categories, each having their own Access program.

  1. Maintenance and browsing of customer and trucker lists.
  2. Entering, editing and printing of sales and purchase contracts.
  3. Entering, editing and printing of invoices and receipts.
  4. Entering, editing and printing of checks for suppliers and truckers.
  5. Browsing of customer and trucker lists specifically for brokers.
  6. Maintenance tasks such as table maintenance, backups and other utilities

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