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Linear Bearings

Linear Bearings

Three new ingredients make up the linear bearings for the Y and Z axis.



The base for the linear bearings are cold-rolled steel plates. The one shown here is a 3-foot long plate 1/4” x 6” for the Y axis. A similar plate, shorter and only 4 inched wide is used for the Z axis.

It is bolted to the gantry box with machine screws. 1-inch square spacer bars behind the plate (8020 profile) leaves space for the bearing blocks.

The steel plates were purchased from http://www.onlinemetals.com.

Extended Carriage

The second item is a bearing block from FineLineAutomation.com (they call it Extended Carriage). These bearings are intended to straddle the edge of the steel plates.


Four carriages as show above, bolted to a sturdy plate make up the core of the total Y and Z bearing system.

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