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Here a few references to the sources for the assemblies and modification parts used.


  • Basic CNC router kit with all wood parts above the table
  • Mechanical drive parts including stepper motors.
  • Electronics with stepper drivers and parallel port breakout board.
  • Shaft collars for the axial thrust bearing of the Y-axis lead screw.


  • 1/2” Lead screw (Hi-Lead Type), 8 TPI 4-starts
    Part # 60986
  • Matching Antibacklash Nut Part # 19664


  • 1/2 Needle Thrust Bearing with 2 Washers
  • Hi Z Plate for mounting carriages for the Y and Z axis
  • (4) Extended Linear Carriages.


also http://www.finelineautomation.com

  • Steel Plates for Y and Z axis.
  • Aluminum plates of various sizes.


  • Aluminum Extrusions

8020 Inc Surplus Sales (eBay)

  • (2) Bearing Blocks for 1/2 Lead Screw


  • Router Mount for Bosch EV1617EVS


  • Extra Collets (1/8”, 3/16” and 3/8” for Bosch Router



All other parts were supplied by the builder:

  • 30” x 60” table with casters and solid maple top. Compartment for computer and electronics. Drawer for keyboard and mouse.
  • 26-3/4” x 72” x 3” torsion box for mounting the X-axis rails.
  • Wall-mounted pivot arm for 23” monitor.
  • Dust collector with Oneida Dust Deputy Deluxe separator (Amazon) and Ridgid shop vac (Home Depot).
  • Bosch EV1617EVS Router with extra collets (see above)
  • Makita RF1101 Router
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