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Furniture making has been a hobby of mine for some 35 years. It all got started when a fellow engineer at RCA moved to Ohio and sold me a 1935 vintage Sears table saw for $30. It's arbor was cockeyed; so I tilted the fence. A reconditioned $7 jigsaw and a hand drill rounded ou my tool park.

RCA's job involved numerous travels to the West Coast and I got fascinated with Redwood. 84Lumber carried Redwood lumber in clear, straight boards at 8 Cents a boardfoot. Soon, every room in the house had redwood shelves. That was the scope of woodworking then.

Visiting 84Lumber on another day where I was already known as the 'Redwood Guy", the store manager leaked some inside gossip to me. He said that all redwood will be removed from all stores and put into hiding to create a nationwide shortage. This was supposedly taking place the very next day. Dismayed at the thought of having the rug, better say the redwood, pulled from under me I borrowed a truck and bought several hundred board feet of this wood. My house had no workshop and the pile of boards just made the garage narrower. Several month's later, redwood reappeared at 84Lumber at 15 times the former price!

After getting an idea from a woodworking magazine, I built umpteen modular cabinets with this redwood. Some cabinets had drawers, others just shelves and dividers. They were stackable and could be daisy-chained horizontally.

Later, I built a large wall unit for the TV and Stereo and then, as a more ambitious project, a large electronic organ in a classical cabinet. Solid hardwood lumber was just not available in Lancaster, nor was veneer. It took several trips to the Bronx where an established supplier had a good selection of veneers.

A few decades later, my workshop is well equipped with machines and hand tools. I cannor recall all the projects that went through the place but they count in the dozens. This writeup describes the making of a octagonal table with a reversible top. One side is smooth to be used as a dining table. The other side is meant for playing games, specifically Poker and has a felt center as well as recesses for chips and glasses.

My daily life revolves around business computers. High-tech sometimes is stressful, other times it can be boring. Building things with wood is a welcome distraction. There is visible progress. Any problems coming along can be linked only to the builder.

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