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Bread Dipping Tray

Bread Dipping Tray

You have company coming over. Cheese and crackers is so yesterday. Instead, cut up some bread, put spices into olive oil and your guests won't care what's for dinner. The grid in the center lets the crumbs fall through and they are trapped below. The grid lifts out so you can empty the crumbs into the sink.




Three wood species are used in three layers. The top and bottom layers are Maple with a center accent of Cherry. The middle layer is Walnut throughout. The recesses reveal the Walnut in its full glory. Hand recesses at both ends of the tray let you hold it securely.

The tray is 22-1/2" long, 6-3/4" wide and a little over an inch thick.

You can devise your own recipe to spice the oil or get a variety of spices ready-made. Dean Jacobs (Google the name) sells a seasoning variety pack with or without oil and also has replacement dishes shown here.



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