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Candle Holder Sets

If you have looked at the table lamp on this site, you see the similarity of the design. The pillars have flowing curves, making these holder very airy.

The set shown below makes use of Maple and Wenge.

The suggested length of the standard taper candles is ten inches but they look good too with shorter ones.

The foot print is 4" square and the heights are 3", 5" and 7" respectively.


 The model shown here uses Padauk for the pillars.

Of course, you are not stuck with placing them in a line; triangles work fine too. The sample colors for the candles was an arbitrary choice. If you prefer hot pink, be my guest.

Here comes a feedback from a user. Note that these candle holders are assembled on a perfectly flat surface. However, one of my customers complained that they rock when placed atop a half-height room divider. Well, blame it on the home builder having used a cupped pine board to top off the divider.

Nevertheless, I took this to heart and redesigned a set of new models that have only three legs. At the same time, three different accent wood were used for the pillars.


The legs are made from Goncalo Alves. The only term that comes to mind for this wood species is "gentle".



This model uses Bloodwood for the legs, providing a striking contrast to the maple centers.



Wherever the shape of a piece allows, a authenticity encryption is engraved and filled with a contrasting color.

The example shown here is the bottom view of one of the candle holders.


Let's go wild with Bolivian Rosewood to throw some jungle fever into the mix.

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