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Center Piece

Center Piece

You may ask your self how I came up with this design. This is a story already told elsewhere on this site. Take another look at the Bowl Times Five. What happened to the large amounts of wood that was removed from the pockets? Well, you are looking at some of these cutout pieces. Adding some recesses for square votive glasses and some feet and we have a remarkable center piece.

Yes, you have to add your own flower pot or vase in the center. The sample shown below was made with Maple but there could be other woods that come out of manufacturing.

The overall diameter of the arrangement is approximately 15 inches when spaced as shown. The feet are made from plastic covered wire so your table doesn't get marred. No, the segments do not rock since they have only three legs.

The model shown below is Cherry. Another model uses Walnut (not shown).



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