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Kitchen Upgrade

The kitchen was dated to the Seventies with lacquered green cabinets, green trim and Avocado appliances. OK, after the purchase of a pile of red oak lumber and a fancy set of large router bits, the kitchen was 40 years younger.




I have always been fascinated by Gustav Stickley's furniture designs, frequently called Mission Style. Stickley used glue-less joinery and preferred quarter-sawn Oak. This resulted in long-lasting furniture even under extreme environmental conditions since there was no climate control to speak off more than a hundred years ago.

However, nowadays, we have modern adhesives and wood finishes and live air-conditioned. So I extend my apologies to Gustav and humbly call my designs Stickley knockoffs.


Note that the design uses springy slats in lieu of a box spring mattress.

Detail of the head and foot boards.


In Between

What does one do between the kitchen and the bedroom? Eat, of course, then play Poker. The table shown below is my long-term masterpiece. Is it a dining table or is it a Poker table? Well, it is both. The entire top lifts off the base and can be flipped. How is that for multitasking?


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