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Lazy Susan

Lazy Susans and Serving Trays

According to Martha Stewart, everybody needs a Lazy Susan. I agree and we have been using one on our round breakfast table for many years. Everybody can reach the salt and pepper shakers, condiment bowls or the sauce pitcher.

There are lots of Lazy Susans available in stores. They are usually plain, incorporate plastic and have dismal bearings. Take a look at the designs below. The massive top consists of three wood species (Maple, Cherry and Walnut shown here), arranged in an interesting pattern with the end grain at the top surface.

The large ball bearing swivel mechanism is recessed into the base which adds only a minimal amount to the overall height. The top turns easily just with a slight finger touch. Be aware that turning this "carousel" is fascinating for little people such as my grandchildren. They have to find out how fast it has to spin before the "payload" flies off.



The model shown on the left is 16 inches in diameter and 2 inches high.

Note that there is only a small gap between the top and the base.




The various wood pieces for the Lazy Susan are prepared as large blocks to allow for possible flaws that will show up later. But then, sometimes there are no major surprises and some precut strips are left over.

That surplus can be assembled into a serving tray as shown on the left. The handles are stainless steel.


This is the 17-inch model, using the same wood species but with smaller blocks emphasizing Walnut.


Serving tray using parts from the larger Lazy Susan. The handles are brushed nickel not as as shown here.


The finish is Polyurethane. Several coats are applied with light sanding between coats. The final coat is hand-rubbed with fine steel wool to a smooth satin sheen. The finish resists stains from just about any food or liquid. Cleaning is easy with a damp cloth. You can even use a mild abrasive kitchen cleanser to remove stubborn dirt or even out scratches.

As beautiful they look, these Lazy Susans are meant to be used everyday.

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