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Napkin Holder

Napkin Holder

Have you ever held an outdoor picnic and the napkins blew all over the backyard? Here is your answer. The napkins rest on a series of curved slats and are weighted down by a floating bar that lowers as the napkins are used up.

The wood that shows up as the lighter one in the pictures below is Hard Maple and the reddish pieces are made from African Padauk.

The many curved pieces were rough sawed with a band saw using paper templates and the final shapes were achieved with a router as the pieces were clamped into jigs.

As intricate as the shapes are, the real time-consuming work is in the sanding and application of the finish.



The napkin holder measures 9" long x 8" wide x 5" high. It is designed to hold what is generally called a Luncheon Napkin (13" x 13" folded to 6-1/2" x 6-1/2").


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