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Table Lamp

Table Lamp

I consider this design as my masterpiece. There are several details that deserve some attention.

The four slender upright members are attached to a sturdy Maple base. The curved structure has an eye-pleasing flow. The wood I selected is African Wenge, a dark coarse-grained hardwood. Note that there is no stain applied anywhere. The colors you see are the natural wood colors.

The detail picture shows the intricate assembly that holds the lamp socket. The line cord travels through the base and is fed to the top through one of the uprights which is hollow.

The shade is made with trapezoidal shapes of Anegre (also called Anigre) veneer only about 20 mils thick, allowing some light to shine through. The veneer by itself would be too flimsy to hold its shape. It is backed by 40 mil thick Polycarbonate (Lexan) for strength and protection from the heat of the light bulb.

The light socket is a three-way type that also accepts regular bulbs. It would be a shame to use a compact fluorescent (CFL) bulb.



The lamp's base has a foot print of 12" square. The overall height is 26" and the shade is 20" in diameter.

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