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Votive Trays

Votive Candle Trays

Votive candle holders are usually round glass cups where the candle sits low in the glass. One problem with these holders is that they get very hot and you can burn your fingers on them.

The holders shown here are square and have a low profile. I designed several versions of trays that hold five candles until they evolved into the shapes shown below. The main structural pieces are made from Hard Maple.

The feet and the handles use three different exotic wood species (see images below).

The tray measures 14" long x 4" wide x 3" high.

People who bought these tell me that, in most cases, they were intended as gifts for weddings, holidays and birthdays. They also said that they make great center pieces. Unlike other candles, these votive candles burn down without posing a fire danger.


Goncalo Alves (shown above) is a tropical hardwood found primarily in Brazil. Its has a subdued grain structure with tan to brown colors. It is a very hard wood dulling the cutting tools easily. I would use the term "soothing" when describing the character of this wood. Hard Maple is still used for the structural pieces and is the case for the next two variants.


As the name suggests, Bloodwood (shown above) is red. Well, it can be very red or even purple. Make no mistake, it strikes your eye. The colors are that of the heartwood when first exposed by cutting the tree into planks. It is a photo-sensitive species like many other tropical woods and will oxidize to a darker more brown color when exposed to light unless a UV inhibiting finish is used.


The last of the alternate design uses one of the fanciest of tropical woods, specifically Bolivian Rosewood (shown above). Different from its Brazilian cousin, the Bolivian type can still be safely harvested and the stands are re-forested. The grain pattern is very pronounced. It is one of my favorite accent woods.

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