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My name is Roland (Ron) Jeuch. I live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania for the past 35 years. My professional career as an electrical engineer included several years with RCA, followed by running the US branch of a German manufacturer of electronic organs. The past 22 years I owned a computer consulting business. While officially retired, I still maintain some large software systems for clients.

Woodworking has been a hobby for many years and I dare say that I am an accomplished woodworker by now. This site offers an insight into my woodworking projects.

Apart from the items show on this site, numerous projects involved furniture and structural improvements to the house.

There is a picture gallery showing some of the work I have done in the past.

However, the main purpose of this web site is a showcase for my recent smaller pieces that are made in more than just single quantities.

Most of my designs were created from ideas that evolved over time. Others were inspired by something I saw someplace or by observing nature's shapes and structures.

Wherever it was possible to find some flat surface, I usually identify myself with an engraCraftedByving.








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